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Onboard Internet

WiFi is available throughout the entirety of each ship, including all suites, public rooms and outdoor decks. One login is provided per suite or purchased package, which may be used on one device at a time. The login may be used across a variety of devices. Internet access is also available from the centrally located Internet Café.

Please note that in order to ensure optimum connection speeds, bandwidth-heavy applications such as Skype, YouTube and MagicJack are blocked through our internet provider. Service and speed will vary depending on the location of the ship and time of day.

FREE Unlimited WiFi for Gold-level Seven Seas Society® Members

Esteemed members of our elite society of past guests receive the benefit of FREE Unlimited WiFi as soon as they achieve Gold-level status. If you have sailed with us before and are already a Seven Seas Society® member, your new tier benefits take effect on the first day of the cruise during which you transition from one tier to the next. This means that you could begin using your FREE Unlimited WiFi on embarkation day, if you are scheduled to satisfy your Gold-level membership during your voyage.

FREE Unlimited WiFi for Named Suites

Book a Regent, Master, Grand, Seven Seas, Horizon View, Mariner, Navigator or Voyager Suite and receive FREE Unlimited WiFi.

FREE WiFi for Concierge Suites & Higher

Book a Concierge-level Suite or higher and receive FREE WiFi of up to 500 minutes (or equivalent data amount).

The number of FREE WiFi minutes received will be based on the length of the voyage, and includes one login per suite that may be used on one device at a time. The login may be shared across a variety of devices. WiFi minutes awarded are based on the following voyage lengths:

  • 1-7 nights: 200 minutes
  • 8-10 nights: 300 minutes
  • 11-15 nights: 400 minutes
  • 16+ nights: 500 minutes

You may also supplement your FREE WiFi minutes with an unlimited package for a nominal fee of only $14.99 per day (50% less than the standard daily rate for the unlimited package).

WiFi Packages

We offer several convenient WiFi packages, whether you need to send a quick email back home or require a full day of connectivity.

  • A La Carte – For the sparse Internet user, this package is available at a per minute rate of $0.99, plus a one-time activation fee of $3.95
  • 200 Minutes – This package offers 200 anytime minutes (or equivalent data amount) for a total cost of $160.00 ($0.80 per minute), plus a one-time activation fee of $3.95
  • Unlimited – Consider this package if you require heavy Internet use, which has a daily rate of $29.99 with no activation fee

Mobile Phone Usage Onboard

While at sea, guests are able to use their own mobile phones to make and receive calls, text messages and for data services. International roaming charges will apply and will be billed by your regular service provider.

Guests with AT&T service may choose from a selection of packages offering discounted rates for international calls, texts and data while onboard our ships. Visit for complete details on plans and full terms and conditions.